Mark Brown

Mark Brown grew up in West Des Moines, graduating from Valley High School in 1990. In 1994, he graduated with a degree in Japanese Language from the University of California at Berkeley. From there, Mark continued further west where he resided in Tokyo, Japan for 15 years with his Japanese wife and young family, working in the IT industry.

In 2009, Mark returned to Iowa to assist his aging parents with Parkinson's disease and to facilitate his children learning native English in what he remembered as being a solid public education offering in Iowa. The 2010s were an eye-opener for Mark in that educational standards in Iowa had taken a severe dive since the 1990s when he left Iowa for the Far East. Mark is now running to serve as a State Representative in House District 32 for the upcoming 2023-4 legislative sessions.

Mark speaks, reads, writes to varying degrees a plethora of Asian languages: Japanese, Chinese (mandarin), Korean, Thai, and Laotian. Mark would love to incorporate his life experiences into policies that benefit all Iowans. He has seen the not-so-good, the bad, & the ugly of socialism abroad and feels we are headed in an equally ugly path given policies and financial decisions made in Washington, D.C. Our children deserve much better.



Unlike Rep Jennifer Konfrst who opposed historic income tax relief and voted against ending taxes on retirement income, Mark Brown is committed to protecting the family budget, helping Iowans keep more of their hard earned money and will always support commonsense tax cuts.

Protecting Our Freedom

Iowans are now faced with an ever greater assault on personal freedoms and choices. More and more the government is interfering with the daily lives of Iowans. Mark will work to shield Iowans from undue and unnecessary assaults on our families and businesses.

Protecting Our Children

Our children are our most vital asset; they must be given a chance to grow up as free and prosperous as their parents and grandparents. Mark will fight to get destructive propaganda out of our classrooms and make sure our tax dollars are being used effectively to equip our students with the skills they need.

Protecting Our Communities

From Valley Junction to Sherwood Forest to the myriad of businesses lining University and Hickman avenues across Clive, West Des Moines, and Windsor Heights, this central suburban district of Des Moines is home to a great number of businesses. 100% of which, no matter the size, have had some form of interruption of business over the past few years. Mark will stand up for the small businesses that drive our economy.


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